CE Marking for wood windows…

Fenex windows are shown to be in conformity with the essential requirements of EC directive 89/106/EEC for construction products and EC standard EN 14351 – 1: 2006 for windows, based on the tests carried in accredited laboratories.

The tests carried on our sample consists of the following points:

  • Wind load resistance acording to EN 12210 and EN 12211.
  • Watertightness according to EN 1027 and EN 12208.
  • Air permeability according to EN 1026 and EN 12207.
  • Load – bearing capacity of safety device according to EN 14351-1 and EN 14609.
  • Thermal insulation according to EN ISO 10077-1.
  • Sound insulation according to EN 14351-1.

Having its conformity assessed to the European norm for windows Fenex has been the first wooden window in Turkey bearing CE mark.

Our windows are evaluated by independent laboratories according to European normes. The conformity to highest requirements is documents.