Passivhaus Certificate


ARBOR windows have been certified Passivhaus by the Passive House Institute at PhB level. The main issue is the environment in order to achieve energy efficiency at the highest level. The concept of the passive building is that the heat released inside the construction (living beings, electrical appliances) and that provided from the outside (sunshine) is sufficient to meet heating needs. Thanks to the high performance of our wood windows, the thermal insulation requirements are met for our wood and wood/aluminum windows.

The Passivhaus certificate was obtained for the two ranges 90s and 90f level PhB for warm-temperate climates. In order to guarantee the Passivhaus criteria our windows reach the values Uw=0.97 W/(m².K) in wood/aluminium and Uw=0.99 W/(m².K) in wood and Ψopaque = 0.15 W/(mK).

You can view the official documents on the ARBOR Documents page.