Our production facilities are located in Silivri, on 6000 m2 area and a leader in the Turkish market with its 100 workers. We are proud of all those windows and doors that we produce and sell to many exquisite constructions through our group companies in Turkey, UK and France.

Each level of production has been highly automated in Fenex. All processes, from profiling to joining, painting and assembly of glass and accessories, are made by standardized and mechanized means. These processes, performed by German and Italian machinery, are controlled and supervised by an online computerized management system. The temperature and humidity in factory area are kept under strict automatic control. In this way, all of the processes are performed in standard ways until the finished product is reached which means minimization of human mistakes.

Our industrial capacities allow the production of most sophisticated doors and windows up to the specific designs that reflect your own style.

Beyond all this technology, the thing that makes us Fenex, is the love for wood, which lies in the hearts of our production team and wood craftsmanship, which they will never lose. Because they know that working with wood is not like working with an artificial material, they process a living material, which is picked up from nature and which will continue its life in a home.