Service Team

Our Customer Service department, comprising professional staff, helps you maintain your windows in its first day conditions. You can call our service phone (0208 075 6690) or transmit the service request form by e-mail. Stating your request completely and in detail within the related parts of the form will make our team prepared prior to their arrival.

Besides solving the problems encountered during use, another responsibility of our service team is to respond to maintenance needs that emerges in time. If the Maintenance Kit supplied with our products is used regularly, the only remaining maintenance to be made is to repaint the products after a reasonably long while depending on climatic conditions. Repaint may be made by any professional painter or even by an enthusiastic user, if the instructions given with the product are followed. However, the most professional service in this aspect, may be provided by our trained service team.

Service Technique

The service supplied by our team covers the below problems.

  • Deformations in wood material.
  • Defects on paint surface.
  • Mechanical failures.