wx=Aluminum cladding provides a virtually endless life to timber sliding doors.

These examples will help you in communicating your demands with Arbor. The proportions seen on these pictures are solely exemplary. Any size and proportion can be achieved within technical limitations.
Although wood provides wider possibilities than uPVC in terms of window dimensions, there are still dimensional limitations that should be taken into consideration about Arbor products. These limitations are meant to ensure the lifetime maintenance of vital window functions. Our sales representatives will direct your preferences in these ways.

We offer different sliding styles with different mechanisms such as folding, lift-slide and slide-n-tilt. Decision must be made according to the expectations. Folding windows and doors have inter-hinged sashes that fold and stack smoothly on a side. Lift-slide windows and doors have strong fittings that lift the sash to slide open from a small distance to full width and may be fixed by lowering in any position. Slide-n-tilt mechanism requires moving the sash in and outwards when opening and closing. It is also possible to leave the sash in tilt position, to provide safe and secure ventilation.

Aluminum cladding, which provides life-long solution for exterior window surfaces is possible for all our windows.

Internal stacking bifolds


The internally stacking bifold doors enable seamless views and make your patio a part of the interior space.


External stacking bifolds


The doors stacking externally have the advantage of saving precious internal space.


Lift and slide doors


These doors are usually preferred to avoid loss of space especially when opening to garden.


Tilt and slide doors

Tilt and slide doors open in both tilting and horizontally sliding directions.



  • FSC or PEFC certified wood is used
  • laminated 3 finger jointed plies of PINE
  • or 2 solid and 1 finger jointed intermediary plies of MERANTI or OAK.

Arbor treats the surface of its kiln dried material with proper substances against biological threats. The moisture in Arbor products which are painted with special paints are kept in limits against exterior conditions. These are the measures that Arbor takes against decaying.

  • Stain colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for paint.


All alu surfaces are anodised or thermo laquered according to your choice.

  • Anodisation colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for thermo laquer.


  • The airtightness between glazing and wood is achieved by silicone.
  • The airtightness between sash and frame is achieved by PU foam gaskets.
  • The connection between glasing beads and wood frame is achieved by clips.


Maco, Siegenia, G-U and Roto.