CASEMENTS: Timber and alu clad timber

The Arbor flush outward opening casement range is designed specifically with form, function and the future in mind. The Arbor casements are available in two options. Firstly, a solid timber option, the natural beauty of timber and its insulating properties will enhance the warmth of any living environment.

Secondly give the Arbor range a more contemporary look by adding a low maintenance external aluminium frame. This adds durability while maximising the design life of your windows. Both come with a full factory finish in single or dual colour based on your choice from the RAL colour pallet.

ARBOR casement windows are designed to safeguard the energy of our planet with the most ecological building material in the world: timber.

The windows in this series are SBD accredited and meet the requirements of the Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark Enhanced Security Windows Door Scheme to PAS 24:2012 and BS 644: 2009 Timber.


Side Hung – Side Reversible / 78t – 78a


Seri 78t 78a
Uf = 1.43
Ug= / ψg = 0.028 0.097
0.60 0.92 1.09
0.70 0.99 1.16
Ug = / ψg = 0.031 0.092
1.00 1.21 1.36
1.10 1.28 1.43
1.30 1.42 1.57
2.60 2.33 2.49
2.70 2.40 2.56
Max IGU = 44 mm

 wx=  wx=



  • FSC or PEFC certified wood is used
  • laminated 3 finger jointed plies of PINE
  • or 2 solid and 1 finger jointed intermediary plies of EUCALYPTUS or OAK.

Arbor treats the surface of its kiln dried material with proper substances against biological threats. The moisture in Arbor products which are painted with special paints are kept in limits against exterior conditions. These are the measures that Arbor takes against decaying.

  • Stain colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for paint.


All alu surfaces are anodised or thermo laquered according to your choice.

  • Anodisation colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for thermo laquer.


  • The airtightness between glazing and wood is achieved by silicone.
  • The airtightness between sash and frame is achieved by EPDM and TPV gaskets.
  • The connection between glasing beads and wood frame is achieved by clips.


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