Windows with vertically moving sashes are called “Sash Windows”.

Modern mechanisms have made sash windows as practical and safe to use as they have never been before.

Besides being used in period buildings, sash windows are also employed in new residences for the sake of practicality and architectural concerns all around Europe.

A modern mechanism, consisting of stainless steel springs placed in a pipe of 16-26 cm diameter is able to move a 45 kg sash simply by your fingers and to leave it at any position you like.

 wx= Historical sash mechanisms, on the other hand, continue to draw attentions with many examples still working on period buildings from 19th and 18th centuries. We use high technology spring balances in keeping the balance of sashes at any point of its movement. We also produce timber box sash windows. These are traditional vertical sliders working with weights and cords.

Double Sliding Sash – Single Sliding Sash

Tilt And Slide

Tilt and Slide Sash Windows

Tilting double hung windows incorporate sashes that tilt smoothly in. This is an addition to their normal vertical operation. Tilting enables safe ventilation and easy cleaning. Cleaning may be difficult for sash windows.



  • FSC or PEFC certified wood is used
  • laminated 3 finger jointed plies of PINE
  • or 2 solid and 1 finger jointed intermediary plies of MERANTI or OAK.

Fenex treats the surface of its kiln dried material with proper substances against biological threats. The moisture in Fenex products which are painted with special paints are kept in limits against exterior conditions. These are the measures that Fenex takes against decaying.

  • Stain colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for paint.


All alu surfaces are anodised or thermo laquered according to your choice.

  • Anodisation colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for thermo laquer.


  • The airtightness between glazing and wood is achieved by silicone.
  • The airtightness between sash and frame is achieved by EPDM, TPV and PU foam gaskets.
  • The connection between glasing beads and wood frame is achieved by clips.


Era, Caldwell and Mighton.