This series of windows and doors comply with Q-Mark enhanced security requirements. 68f windows, being cladded with aluminum as a flat surface get integrated with modern architectural elements at exterior, while being completely natural construction products at heart.


The versatility of design lets us integrate double as well as triple insulation glass units with laminations up to 52 mm total thickness. Thermal and sound insulation values are very high with 68f windows, thanks to the three peripheric and continuous joints of EPDM and Q-LON. Please refer to our technical documentation for further details.


ARBOR aims to meet all the needs of our customers. For this, our range of FLAT wood/aluminum window has been developed to achieve high-level thermal performance, certified by the Passivhauss PhB level label. On this new range, the frame of the joinery has been widened and aluminum has been developed. Thus, this new configuration makes it possible to measure a performance of Uw=0.97 W/(m².K).



  • FSC or PEFC certified wood is used
  • laminated 3 finger jointed plies of PINE
  • or 2 solid and 1 finger jointed intermediary plies of EUCALYPTUS or OAK.

Arbor treats the surface of its kiln dried material with proper substances against biological threats. The moisture in Arbor products which are painted with special paints are kept in limits against exterior conditions. These are the measures that Arbor takes against decaying.

  • Stain colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for paint.


All alu surfaces are anodised or thermo laquered according to your choice.

  • Anodisation colors must be selected among the options in our color chart.
  • All RAL colors are available for thermo laquer.


  • The airtightness between glazing and wood is achieved by silicone.
  • The airtightness between sash and frame is achieved by PU foam gaskets.
  • The connection between glasing beads and wood frame is achieved by clips.


Maco, Siegenia, G-U and Roto.